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When I first thought about making this album, I wanted to show how music creates images, and to encourage listeners or espectators to figure their own story behind those notes. Each song carries its own identity, like a movie to be whatched. It's all in your mind. 




From São Paulo, 36 years old. He began his music studies at age 7 in CLAM school (founded and directed by Zimbo Trio), where he studied piano and then saxophone. Got wide repertoire of MPB and Jazz due to specific studies focused on instrumental music. 

- Playing the two instruments remained conducting activities and annual meetings until 2003. 

- He studied saxophone with Wilfred Khouri, Roberto Sion, David Richards, Vitor Alcântara and Rodrigo Ursaia. 

- In the period 2003-2005 toured with the band "Nasi & the Blues Brothers," which the Nasi singer of the group "Ira" held in parallel. 

- Between 2003 - 2011 he worked in Samba Rock style of Brazilian music where he played in the bands of singers and composers Luis Vagner and Nereu São José. 

- Worked as saxophonist and arranger of the group of Samba- Rock / Soul "The Opals". He recorded the first album of the group: "Our Origins", establishing the woodwinds arrangements as a trademark of the band. Toured throughout the state of São Paulo. 

- In 2008 enters with scholarship at Souza Lima / Berklee College. Ends the first two years of the course with the prospect of completing it in Boston at Berklee Colege of Music, international partner college. • Representing the College Souza Lima, he attended the IASJ 09, an annual meeting of jazz schools, happened in Lucerne, Switzerland, June 2009. The IASJ was founded and is organized and taught by legendary American saxophonist David Liebman. 

- Also in 2009 he performed with the Quintet Bassist Sizão Machado at Brahma Jazz Festival held in the airport “Mars field in São Paulo”. 

- Joined the Quintet of the Peruvian bassist Oscar Estagnaro on show at the bar “Ao Vivo” in São Paulo, April 2010. 

- Since 2009 works with the singer Mariana Belém. From 2009 -2010 toured with singer Fafa Belém. 

- He joined the band in the musical "Tim Maia - Anything goes" in the 2013- 2014 season where he made presentations throughout Brazil including seasons in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

- Keeping the focus on instrumental music, performs in 2015 the release of their first album, "Inconstant". 

- With influences from Wayne Shorter and Ornette Coleman, the album emphasizes the perception of each song within the context presented by the author. 

- He recorded the album "Smile" of singer-songwriter Carol Andrade in January 2016. • In February 2016 held two concerts with the renowned singer Cauby Peixoto at SESC Pompeia. 

- In July of 2016 he performed with the female singer Ângela Maria in Sabará, MG. 

- On December 4, 2016, he participated for the second time in the ECOS MUSICAIS project at SESC Osasco, in which he presented his authorial repertoire.

Rafa Clarim is affiliated with OMB and UBC




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